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Why care homes need to pay attention to increasing water rates.

In April 2022, business water rates will increase due to the bad debt accumulated throughout the coronavirus pandemic.  Ofwat, the water regulator, has introduced the price rise to protect business water suppliers by allowing them to pass on the cost of bad debt to their customers.

Most English care homes have never switched water suppliers. Most business decision-makers are not even aware that changing water suppliers is possible. Businesses that have never switched water suppliers pay out of contract business water rates with their default supplier.

Default water rates increase each year slightly as the cost of maintaining the water network increases.  April 2022 is different; not only will care homes be hit with inflationary increases in water rates they will also be charged more due to Ofwat’s decision to raise prices.

aquaswitch - increasing water rates

You can do two things to combat these price hikes: one is to switch business water suppliers, and the other is to reduce your water consumption as a business.

To compare business water suppliers and switch to a new deal, click here.

How to reduce your water rates

For care homes, it’s imperative to be running a business that uses water efficiently and drives down the cost of any bills. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your water consumption and lower your bills.

Use water efficiency devices. Using water efficiency devices like tap aerators reduces the annual consumption of water. Consider using flush efficiency devices to reduce the amount of water needed to flush toilets on your premises.

  • Fix leaks. Leaks are one of the biggest problems for excess water consumption. A regular check for leaks can prevent unnecessary wastage by identifying and fixing leaks as early as possible.
  • Monitor your water consumption. Monitor your water consumption by regularly reading the meter to understand water consumption better.  A sudden increase in consumption can indicate an underground water leak that can cost your business thousands.
  • Educate your staff. Educating your staff about water consumption is key. This helps bring awareness to the forefront, and small changes in behaviour when using water will drastically reduce the amount of water consumed in your care home.
  • Switch your water supplier. You can move from the default tariffs you’re currently paying to a much more competitive fixed tariff by switching your water supplier.
  • Use sustainable water systems. Use a rainwater harvesting system to capture and treat rainwater falling on your business premises.
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