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Innovation Centre Of Excellence

A ground-breaking new Innovation Centre aimed at the catering, cleaning and facilities management industries opened its stainless-steel doors for business on May 1 in Peterborough.

It is a collaboration between Oxford company, GreenTeck Global Ltd: innovators in alternative green technologies, providing sustainable, energy-conscious and cost-effective solutions that will make a real difference to the environment; and commercial kitchen experts CK Direct.

The Centre is based at CK Direct’s factory and showroom just a mile or so off the A1(M) in Peterborough and is unusual in that the company has built a fully-fitted and fully-operational commercial kitchen as its centrepiece . . . all under one, bespoke, stainless-steel roof, or ceiling, also fabricated from scratch on the premises.

So visitors can not only see the equipment in situ and in operation but can even cook themselves lunch: if they remember to bring some burgers and buns! In addition to the actual cookers and fryers, equipment on display includes:

  • Extraction system incorporating GreenTeck Global’s AirTeck trioxygen unit. It uses ultra-violet light to produce ozone (O3) that is then introduced into the ducting system for deodorising and degreasing. The equipment was independently tested, on-site, by Odournet with outstanding results (available online)

  • A second air handling system designed to cool, degrease and deodorise on premises where it is not possible to vent to the outside atmosphere.

  • Yet a third air-handling system is literally built-into the ceiling. Using balanced pressure extractors draw air up through one set of fan-tiles in the ceiling while it is replaced with cool, clean, air from the ceiling void through another set of tiles. The actual ceiling is based on one CK Direct made for Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Grill in London’s Gloucester Square.

  • AquaTeck is another GreenTeck Global sanitising / sterilising / cleaning system for contact use on floors and skirting (including carpets), work-surfaces, door-handles, hand-rails and banisters, call and lift buttons. Ordinary tap-water is put through a water-soften, dish-washer salt is added is electrolysis is used to produce Free Activated Chlorine (FAC) within the solution. It can be produced at around seven litres a minute and used in standard mop-buckets and carpet cleaners or dispensed via a trigger-spray bottle when the solution remains active for around 48 hours before neutralising back to plain H2O.

  • Hygeia – activated oxygen sanitising spray bottle. This remarkable new product from America actually produces ozone in solution from ordinary tap water, on-demand, inside its trigger-spray bottle that kills 99.9 per cent of common pathogens, sterilising and deodorising.

  • Solar Assisted Heat Panels (SAHP) are best imagined as a ‘fridge in reverse’ and can be used to recover and then reuse heat from existing rooms or buildings to produce hot water (at 550C) 24/7 and 365. The thermodynamic units basically come in two variants: integrated (BMTB) or retro- fitted designed to be added to an existing hot water system (LMTB).

  • Eco-Safe Digestor – simple technology that eliminates food waste, onsite, by aerobic digestion. Biological micro-organisms reduce food waste into liquid that can be safely discharged into sanitary sewer lines.

CK Direct has been in Peterborough for 19 years and MD Tony Ricciardi commented: “We manufacture kitchen equipment and system on-site, starting from stainless steel sheets. When we decided to have Odournet Ltd undertake trials on the AirTeck trioxygen units last year we need find a professional / commercial kitchen for them to work in. The obvious solution was for us to build exactly what we wanted on-site . . . and really the idea for Innovation Centre just grew for there.”

While CEO and Founder of GreenTeck Global, David Thurston, added: “We are really excited about the concept of the Innovation Centre. For the first time we think we have gone beyond offering just extraction systems or deodorising solutions and are able to offer a genuine one-stop-shop all under one roof. And that it will be of interest to a wide range of industries and sectors: from catering to care homes, hotels to hospitality, and from universities to food manufacturing and processing.”

Innovation Centre Of Excellence by GreenTech Global

To arrange a visit to the Innovation Centre or for further information about the product range please contact: Tony Ricciardi, CK Direct, 15 Tresham Road, Peterborough PE2 6SG, Tel: 01733 230378, Email: , Web: OR David Thurston, GreenTeck Global, 42 St Mary Street, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 0EU, Tel: 0208 150622, Email:, Web:

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