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Creating Safer Heating In The Care Sector

Despite the tight regulations laid down by the Health and Safety Executive, concern is continuing to grow around resident safety in care homes amid reports that some homes are endangering the safety of service users by not adhering to strict guidelines around safe surface temperature radiators and pipework. 

The recommended surface temperature for radiators and pipework in care homes is 43°C. Above this the risk of burns and scalds increases, and residents are put in danger of potentially life-changing injuries if they are exposed to hot surfaces. The result of these injuries, however, is not only catastrophic for the resident; it can also be damaging both financially and legally for care home managers. 

Non-compliant homes risk warning notices or even closure and prosecution by The Care Quality Commission or The Health and Safety Executive; authority figures in the drive for improved safety measures in the care sector.  

Creating Safer Heating In The Care Sector

Under the threat of closure and prosecution, many care homes seek the cheapest possible solution and cover their existing, often inefficient heaters with budget radiator covers designed for decorative purposes rather than safety. These covers are typically made from inadequate materials that are susceptible to damage such as MDF, become dust traps and become a breeding ground for bacteria.  This is because access for cleaning the radiator and the wall around and behind it becomes limited once they are installed as they have to be fixed to the wall. They often have sharp edges and corners which present injury risks if residents fall against them.

MDF cabinets are less efficient than metal radiator covers. The solid tops absorb a large amount of the heat generated by the radiator, driving up energy costs as homes crank up the thermostat to compensate. 

MDF radiator covers require regular maintenance or replacement because they aren’t designed to withstand the rigours of busy care home environments where people and beds are frequently moving around. 

Residential homes and other supported living environments require robust solutions designed to be cost effective over the life of the building.  While cheap MDF radiator cabinets may appear to be the most cost-effective option, once total heating costs, repairs, cleaning and maintenance and the potential risk of claims are considered, high quality metal radiator covers present the best value solution over the longer term.

How Can Contour Help You?

Contour Heating supply a range of Low Surface Temperature Steel Radiator Covers, designed to last over ten years, relieving financial pressure on homes to frequently update radiator guards.

Contour provide free on-site surveys to get accurate measurements to supply a bespoke solution for your facility. 

Creating Safer Heating In The Care Sector

They aim to give residential care homes better control of their finances by reducing the time and costs associated with heating, cleaning and maintenance.

For further protection, Contour Heating partner with BioCote® to include their anti-microbial technologies in their LST radiator guards. The additives in the powder coating have been proven to reduce the bacteria on the surface of the radiator by 99.5% in two hours and is 99.99% effective against resistant bacteria such as MRSA and E.coli.  Microbes such as H1N1 influenza virus, Salmonella and Streptococcus faecaliscan be found on many surfaces, including radiators. BioCote® inhibits the growth of these bacteria for the lifespan of the LST radiator, reducing the risk of cross-contamination creating more hygienic spaces and proving a safer and healthier environment for service users and staff alike.

To arrange your free site survey and consultation, contact Contour on 01952 290498, or visit

To arrange your free site survey and consultation, 

Contour Heating Products Ltd

The Mansions, 

43 Broadway,

Shifnal, Shropshire

TF11 8BB

01952 290498

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