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Spring Clean – Care Home Cleaning Options

Keeping any venue clean is a full-time job, especially for care and nursing homes. Staff in such environments are normally torn between caring for their patients / residents, preparing meals, keeping the building up to hygiene standards, admin duties and other responsibilities. Performing all these demanding tasks is time-consuming meaning when it comes to cleaning, having access to products which can make the job quicker and more efficient can be a huge help.

So, when it comes to cleaning solutions for care homes there are a few different options available which can help speed up the process.

  • Flash - Spring Clean Install a systems-based cleaning solution: This may be the most expensive of the suggestions on our list but is excellent for excessive dosing control meaning this option is great where costs are concerned in the long term. P&G offer a Flash Professional Cleaning system which allows for the use of multiple concentrated all-purpose cleaners which are easily accessible for staff’s cleaning tasks. The system dispenses a pre-set amount of concentrate which is then topped up with a predetermined amount of water giving staff a uniform and consistent volume of cleaning solution. 
  • Buy an “All-Purpose” cleaner: Another option is to buy an all-purpose cleaning chemical which can be used to cover a multitude of surfaces meaning less cleaning products are needed and there is no need to split cleaning tasks down into different areas as it will mean large areas can be covered by the same chemical. A brilliant option currently on the market is the new Flash Professional Concentrate Cleaner. The formula lasts up to 50% longer when compared with other leading professional all-purpose cleaners and also benefits from up to a 100% streak-free finish on surfaces.
  • Cleaning zones: A great way to bring efficiency into your cleaning duties is by splitting the care home down into various zones. Zonal cleaning allows your staff to focus on one area for a shorter period of time before getting back to other duties and then allowing other free staff to clean the next zone. Numbering them and having a chart with each zones number marked on with a tick box next to it which can be checked off once it has been cleaned. This allows for clear and concise communication between staff so all can see what areas have been cleaned and which ones require attention.
  • Cleaning kits: Finally, you can make up numerous cleaning kits within your staff area, or a storage cupboard so staff can quickly grab a cleaning kit which has everything in it they’ll need to perform their cleaning duties. Items such as a ready to use (RTU) multi-surface trigger bottle, microfibre cloths, antibacterial wipes, scourers for tougher stains, bin liners, gloves and other such items can be staples with a range of additional items also in stock for specific tasks.

Ultimately, the best way to reduce the time needed to keep areas clean is by utilising a simple and easy to follow plan which all employees can understand and manage. Cleanliness and hygiene are an essential in care homes to prevent the spread of diseases throughout a vulnerable demographic. At Alliance Online we have a wide variety of cleaning equipment designed for commercial cleaning such as care home cleaning. We only supply products from trusted suppliers with a long tenure of producing quality products which are thoroughly tested before entering any market. For more information regarding the products mentioned in our list, contact us on 0844 844 4300 or email us at

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