apetito extends Purée Petite range

August 14, 2017

apetito, the UK’s leading creator and supplier of meals to the health and social care sector, has launched a new selection of Purée Petite meals following the range’s success.


The product line, which won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation in April 2016, will now include several breakfast dishes to ensure customers have an option for every mealtime.


The world leading range of pureed meals, which has seen a 70 per cent increase in sales over the last three years, was created to help individuals suffering with dysphagia to ‘dine with dignity’.  


Dysphagia is estimated to affect approximately eight per cent of the world’s population, just under 100 million people, with the figure predicted to significantly increase in-line with the aging population and the associated increase in primary conditions that cause it.


The Purée Petite range previously had 21 meals that pack as much nutrition and energy as possible into a small meal. Each meal provides 500kcals and 15-20g protein. The meals are also 40% smaller portions for more manageable mealtimes. This helps elderly care home relatives keep their energy levels up and reduces food waste. The meals are also visually appealing and maintain their appearance after cooking.

puree petite breakfast

Jonathan Amies, head of the team behind the new products, said, “Everyone should be able to ‘dine with dignity’. Therefore it’s essential those with dysphagia look forward to meal-time, rather than viewing it as a painful necessity.


“Our range previously focused on dishes for lunch and dinner, but we’ve now pushed our innovation further to develop options for breakfast; ensuring our customers have food for every meal-time.”


The new breakfasts are:

• Puréed All Day Breakfast – sausages, baked beans & scrambled egg

• Puréed Vegetarian All Day Breakfast – vegetarian sausages, baked beans & scrambled egg

• Puréed Plain Porridge

• Puréed Apple and Cinnamon Porridge

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