Infection control – it’s in the bag!

December 12, 2017

Infection control – it’s in the bag!

Cromwell Polythene Managing Director James Lee says waste bags have a crucial role to play in infection control.

There are many aspects to infection control in health and care facilities – with hand hygiene of particular importance. Another key area which is more often overlooked is the disposal of infectious material.

Waste bags may seem like an unlikely source of innovation, but the latest developments mean they have a vital role to play in supporting a facility’s infection prevention and control programme. The best are tested to ISO22196 and offer antimicrobial protection to hygienic liners for sanitary and medical disposal services. Importantly, the addition of silver antimicrobial technology during the film extrusion process means that bags are protected against harmful bacteria, including E. coli and Legionella.

Infection control – it’s in the bag!

Using these new bags also saves operatives time and money by reducing and even eliminating the need to use separate antimicrobial products during waste collection and disposal. With the right products, infection control really can be in the bag.

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