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May 18, 2018

Did you know that wedging your fire door open with an object could be a breach of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005? If you are the responsible person in your setting you could face prosecution, which could lead to a heavy fine or even imprisonment, if you allow fire doors to be held open in this way. Fire doors form a vital part of your fire safety provision and help protect residents and staff from the spread of a fire. For elderly residents fire doors can become a barrier to their free movement, reducing their independence, which can also have an effect on their mental well being.

Dorgard have been providing care and nursing settings with a legal solution for holding their fire doors open for decades. Through ongoing development there are now three different types of Dorgard fire door retainers; Dorgard, Dorgard SmnartSound and Dorgard Pro. 

All three types offer you a solution to being able to hold open your fire door legally, allowing staff and residents to move around the building with ease, whilst giving management of Safelincs Dorgardthe premises the peace of mind that fire doors will close automatically on the sounding of the fire alarm, maintaining safety and preventing the spread of fire.

Your type of setting will determine which of the Dorgard fire door retainers is right for you. If you are a small to medium setting with normal or low noise levels, then the original Dorgard will suit your needs. For settings where the noise level is louder you may benefit from the improved sound recognition of the Dorgard SmartSound and for large sites the Dorgard Pro is ideal. Dorgard Pro gives you the possibility of managing up to 500 fire doors in one system and has the option of wiring into your fire alarm panel, it also provides a ‘one glance’ check that the entire system is functioning correctly.

Dorgard fire door retainers ensure that you allow maximum independent mobility of residents, whilst also ensuring that you stay compliant with the legal requirements.

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