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The end of the Nurse Call system?

Sometimes nurse call systems are simply referred to as a buzzer which is used by residents to call a nurse for help or assistance. It doesn’t sound like a rocket science, does it?

It’s not that long ago we used mobile phones just to make calls and send an occasional text message. Nowadays making a call is just one small function of our smartphones which have swiftly replaced the old mobile technology.

With many technological solutions in everyday use in healthcare, evolution is underway. Nurse call buzzers are not immune, but can this traditional technology meet the current needs of busy care homes and become a sustainable technology for the future?

After 50 years in the industry, being at the forefront of development in Nurse Call solutions, we are confident that there is a better way forward. At Courtney Thorne we look at the current and future requirements within care environments.

The care technology we produce stopped being just a buzzer or bell alarm many years ago. From our well-respected wireless nurse call systems, we have developed something even more exciting: The Altra Care – SMART wireless nurse call solution.

The end of the Nurse Call system?
The Altra Care – SMART wireless nurse call system

The SMART system doesn’t just look smart, it has the capability of wirelessly integrating with different devices and applications used throughout care homes. This not only simplifies many functions in care homes, importantly it’s proven to make significant cost savings. The Altra Care achieves this by providing automation and monitoring, staff become more productive spending less time on paper-based admin tasks. Furthermore, secure cloud-based communication provides managers remote access to reports assisting them with more effective decisions.

The Altra Care doesn’t require costly wiring, therefore initial installation and any future changes in design or operation will not interrupt residents care. When compared with hard-wired or IP systems savings of up to 40% are readily achieved.

We are proud leaders in Healthcare Technology offering the new generation SMART nurse call solution that is future-proof and comes with a market leading 3-year warranty.

We are excited about creating the future of care technology and we invite you to be part of it. Contact us and let’s talk about your needs.

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