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Go Green with these Eco-Conscious Alternatives

go green

With more and more government bills being passed to urge businesses to become greener, you may be trying to find ways to make your care or nursing home more eco-conscious too. There are numerous ways you can achieve this which are as follows:

Green Cleaning with InnuScience

Due to the use of commercial chemicals, finding environmentally conscious ways to clean can be difficult. They are notorious for being harmful for the environment if spilled and any cleaning solutions which promote eco-credentials normally carry a higher cost. However, we at Alliance would promote the green cleaning power of the range offered by InnuScience.

InnuScience were founded in 1992 with their vision and goal to be to harness nature and produce cleaning chemicals designed to be harmless to the environment with minimal waste production. The company is at the forefront of eco-cleaning and by way of their research and development team they utilise biotechnology in their products.

Regarding their cleaning products the biotechnology comes in the form of microbes and enzymes which tackle dirt, grease and grime whilst also eliminating odours as well. Their range of products also boast their dragonfly hallmark which acts as a sign of their biotechnology and eco-credentials. The range of products helps users cut through dirt with ease without impacting the immediate ecosystem of the surrounding area.

InnuScience pledge that their cleaning products are safe for the environment and through their research contribute towards a clean and sustainable future for all.

Eco-Cloths from Chicopee

go green

Having green cleaning chemicals is a great start to pushing your care home towards a more environmentally positive future, but don’t stop there. If you are wiping down surfaces with an eco-solution it makes sense to also use an equally eco-friendly cloth too. Enter the J-Cloth 3000 by Chicopee.

The cloths offer users a range of benefits including both biodegradability and a compostable structure. In addition, the manufacturer has gone one step further and made the packaging compostable too.

The benefits are not just based on their environmentally friendly nature, they are also brilliant at cleaning. Its open weave structure is not just key to its environmental credentials, but also makes it a marvel when it comes to picking up dirt. The wavy nature of the material provides excellent food, dirt and dust pick up and the cloths also work brilliantly on all surfaces with a wide range of chemical solutions.

Cheeky Panda’s Paper Range

go green

Paper hygiene is a huge part of running a residential or care establishment, so why not look to invest in a more environmentally friendly option? One of the most eco-conscious ranges of paper products on the market at present is Cheeky Panda’s.

The range includes toilet roll and two tissue options with one being in a square box, the other rectangular. The toilet paper is a 3-ply product and is 100% hypoallergenic whilst also being free of pesticides, fertiliser and fragrance. Its packaging is also recyclable whilst the paper itself is completely biodegradable.

The tissues follow the same mantra with them also being free of pesticides, fertiliser and fragrance offering your care institute a low carbon and sustainable solution to paper hygiene.

At Alliance Online, we understand that running a care, nursing or residential home is challenging enough on its own. Equally, we appreciate budgets must be met whilst the costs of energy and inflation are increasing However, with the environment becoming a larger and more internationally discussed issue it is within most businesses interest to start sourcing some eco-products. The ranges mentioned in this article do not carry a huge increase in price compared with industry standard options meaning you can make changes now without too large an impact.

We are proud to work alongside eco-suppliers and promote their environmental products to our customers to help them achieve their own green goals. To view our full range of environmental products click here. Equally, download our Environmentally Conscious Guide now to see how we can help you.

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