Hughes Pro

Hughes Pro

Hughes Pro is a specialist provider of commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment as well as providing aftercare, authorised by the manufacturer, to local businesses. 

The service work undertaken is fully guaranteed and carried out by a team of over 30 highly trained and well-equipped engineers. The team are proficient in all of the famous commercial laundry brands, including Miele, Speed Queen, Primus, Amazon, Schulthess, Primus, ADC, Huebsch, Electrolux, Maidaid, Hobart and others. 

The most popular spare parts are held on all engineer vans to promote first fix. The company also has the unique position of having a huge in-house central spares store with extensive inventory of genuine parts for immediate dispatch via

The provision of clean linen is a fundamental requirement of care

As identified by the Department of Health in its Health Technical Memorandum 01-04 - Decontamination of linen for health and social care:  “The provision of clean linen is a fundamental requirement of care”. Berendsen, a leader in outsourced laundry services for healthcare, has developed outsourced laundry services to the care sector, including residents’ clothing.

Do you ever throw away handling slings because of faded specification labels?

In care homes across the UK, hundreds of manual handling slings are thrown away every year after failing their LOLER inspection.  There are perfectly valid reasons why a sling may be condemned, e.g. loose stitching, wear that has become dangerous, or a break-down of the material structure. Slings do inevitably wear after heavy use and frequent washing and it is understandable that they need to be condemned. 


In the wake of recent findings outlining the serious infection risk posed to care homes by poor laundry practice, Electrolux Professional will be hosting a series of online seminars on how to improve Laundry Cycle Management and cut the chances of bacterial outbreaks in care environments. Given the often delicate nature of care industry residents, infection risk management is always on the radar for both operators and managers.