Shoe shop opened by Mobility Solutions

February 12, 2018

A shoe store complete with a diagnostics machine to help get the best fit for customers has opened in Glasgow. With problems such as bunions and swollen feet preventing many elderly people from buying comfortable shoes on the High Street, the Mobility Solutions store promises to ease the pain of finding the correct footwear.

The opening of Mobility Solutions’ shoe shop, within its Glasgow superstore, was sparked when the company found shoes and slippers were among its best-selling products among customers.

Mobility Solutions shoe shop offers a larger selection of shoes and slippers

So to give the best possible service, the store expanded its selection and dedicated a whole new shop to footwear! As well as increasing its popular Cosyfeet selection, the store have added a huge selection of Padders footwear, making its selection of shoes and slippers over triple the size that it was previously. Furthermore, the Padders range will soon be available to purchase in Mobility Solutions’ online store – keep an eye on its website for updates on this coming soon.

mobility solutions shoe shop machine

Staff say they are delighted to have also installed a brand new diagnostics machine to help them fit customers with the most comfortable and supportive shoes possible.

The footwear supplied by Mobility solutions is easy to put on and take off, caters for wide or swollen feet and is sturdy enough to provide support. The store hopes that they can help alleviate mobility issues, which it turn can cause difficulty in walking and lack of confidence when moving.

Visit the Glasgow superstore at 75 Hawthorn Street, Glasgow (open 7 days a week) to see the vast selection of shoes or email for further information.

Mobility Solutions is part of the Allied Vehicles Group, which was established in 1993. Allied has grown to become the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of adapted and special purpose vehicles and produces wheelchair accessible cars, MPVs and minibuses. it stores in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley offer a full range of mobility products from daily living aids to accessible vehicle sales and hire, all under one roof.


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