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Improving the Processes Behind the Care

Care home whitepaper

Fastroi are gearing up to deliver our Real-Time Care (RTC) product to Leeds County Council this Autumn, as we do this, we wanted to share some thoughts from our latest White Paper. In it we try to understand the reasons why so many care companies have struggled to improve or even maintain their CQC ratings in the 2018 State of Care report. We believe that many companies are still using pen and paper with no form of care management software. However, we don’t think it is that straightforward either.

Care Management Software is a tool that if used properly can help to improve the levels of care quality, but underneath the bonnet of any organisation are the quality processes and continuous improvement strategies that really affect a company’s ability to deliver that quality care. These are completely separate from the job of looking after our service users. In the White Paper we look at some of the ideas surrounding lean health and highlight the different forms of waste that can hamper quality if they are allowed to flourish. We also examine some practical examples of how these ideas could be implemented in the care industry. 

The Flaws of Inspection

The CQC inspection system may seem effective at grading care services, and the reports do provide a lot of valuable information, but in fact, they only give a snapshot of the care being provided in that organisation on a particular day. We would argue that real quality can only be achieved by embarking on a journey of continuous improvement across all levels of the organisation. By involving the whole organisation we can bring about a more sustainable and lasting improvement in the quality of care. Simply put, if you want to achieve the highest levels of quality, you must first identify the areas where you need to improve, then you must fix them so that they cannot return. Keep doing this every day. If you are awarded ‘Outstanding’ status by the CQC, great, keep going. If you win national awards, keep going! 

Care home worker with resident

Quality Comes From Within

RTC is a tool that allows care companies to focus on improving their processes by taking the pressure off of the individual and putting it into the tool. By automating activities such as care planning, reporting and alerts, a company can spend more time focussing on making sure that the care they give the service users is of the highest quality. RTC enables care companies to add consistency to their business while also making it easy to demonstrate best practice when necessary. It must be very disheartening to have worked so hard to achieve a good grading only to see it get worse at the next inspection. RTC when used in conjunction with the ideas of lean health, continuous improvement and waste, gives a care company everything it needs to provide efficient, world class care without being burdened with the pressure of poor processes.


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