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What heating to consider for retirement villages

Care and nursing homes normally steal the spotlight when it comes to safety considerations regarding heating, however, retirement villages shouldn’t be overlooked.

Even though the occupants of retirement villages are not as vulnerable to injury as those in care and nursing homes, it’s still important to recognise that a high level of care is necessary.

There are few things to consider when deciding upon radiators for retirement villages, such as: ease of use, cleaning efficiency, aesthetic appeal and risk reduction.


Safe surface temperature radiator covers

Although residents of retirement villages are normally active and able to look after themselves, their age makes them vulnerable to injury. Some elderly people can take longer to heal and recover from illness and physical bruising, cuts and burns.

Low Surface Temperate Radiator Covers are designed to not exceed 43 C, this way they are highly unlikely to cause harm in the event of a person coming into contact with it.


The LST radiators heat output myth Heating - an LST radiator in a care home lounge

It’s a known fact that the elderly feel the cold more than most, making heating an even more important factor in retirement and care environments.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators are put in place to protect residents so it’s a common misconception that whilst doing so they restrict the amount of heat they let off.

However installing LST radiators doesn’t mean your heating efficiency is compromised.

Part of the consultation process that Contour provide involves communication with M and E Consultants. They assess the heat emitters that are currently in use, Contour then design the radiator slightly larger than the heat emitter.

This overcompensation ensures that the heat output is not affected.


Give residents their independence

Part of retirement villages main aims is to make residents feel independent, allowing them to live a happy and healthy life.

It’s important to make them feel comfortable in their own homes, ensuring they are not too clinical or cold looking.

The LST radiators provided by Contour are designed to complement the room’s aesthetics, this includes a smooth, full-casing and streamlined appearance.

Part of not relying on staff is being in control of your own heating. External TRV kits allow residents to control the heat output to meet their needs.


Easy access for cleaning

It’s important to ensure any public, health and educational building is kept clean due to the quantity and variety of people that visit.

Retirement villages are no different in requiring regular cleaning of rooms, corridors and communal spaces. Some buildings can require a cleaner to be present for a number of days to ensure all areas are cleaned.

Contour understand the challenges cleaners face when accessing tricky areas therefore their radiator guards all have an easy drop-down front that can be accessed by authorised staff only.

In addition to this, a Rotarad rotating valve kit can be installed to give full access behind the radiator.


To conclude

Although residents of retirement homes require less attention as they are more independent it’s still important to ensure they are safe.

There have been incidents in the past which have involved elderly residents being trapped between furniture and uncovered radiators, causing major burns and resulting in months in hospital after undergoing surgery.

LST radiators give residents the protection they need, the ability to control their own heating and cleaners the ease of access, all whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.


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