Analysing care systems for the elderly across the globe

Care systems - an elderly resident laughs with staff

The human population is ageing, thanks to the quality of life improving worldwide through effective care systems – and so many medical advancements being seen, too.

It’s vital that elderly citizens are looked after as they reach their later years in order to keep them comfortable and happy as they age. This level of care will change from one country to the next though, as we explore in this article…

Care systems seen throughout the UK

Staggered care is popular across the UK, easing elderly citizens into accepting care. When individuals are beginning to struggle, perhaps with making meals or getting washed, they can access help from home. This is in the form of specially trained carers who visit those in need at their own homes to provide necessary care. 

How virtual reality is improving healthcare 

virtual reality in hospital - a doctor helps a patient to see an X-ray on a vr headset

There have been many wonderful developments in technology over recent years, one of the most magical of which is the virtual reality technology revolution. 

How virtual reality works

Virtual reality works by deceiving the brain into believing you are in a 3D world. It immerses users by stimulating up to four of your five senses - This could include touch, vision, smell or hearing. 

Virtual reality or VR, is changing the way that we game, shop, test and educate ourselves. It is being used to develop industries such as healthcare, education, transport, mental health and even utilities.

How to prepare for 'Big Data' in healthcare

big data in healthcare - doctor on ipad

Technically minded individuals such as data managers are only just beginning to understand the extent that Big Data can influence the way that both UK businesses and healthcare services are run. 

“Our overarching objective is that by 2020 we will have revolutionised the way technology, data and information are used to transform the delivery of England’s health and social care services.” – NHS Digital

However, for the less tech-savvy people out there, there is a great degree of confusion as to how Big Data will affect us and what we need to do to get involved. 

To ensure that this system works effectively for all, preparation and implementation plans need to be generated so that your organisation can adapt and take advantage of these exciting changes. 

Qintil - New platform helps to tackle care skills crisis

Quintal - New platform helps to tackle care skills crisis

now care workers can share what they know with providers. Qintil has created a learning management system that helps care workers collect all of their certificates, gain new skills and then share their profile with care homes.  

The National Audit Office has just released a report on The adult social care workforce in England. The report estimates that the workforce will need to grow by 2.6% every year until 2035. Yet the turnover rate of care staff has been increasing since 2012-13 and in 2016-17 reached 27.8%, meaning providers must spend funds on recruitment they could otherwise have spent on providing quality care.

Revolutionising social care with a ’’care chains’’ model

Revolutionising social care with a ’’care chains’’ model

By Dr Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and CEO of homecare start-up Cera

Two years ago, the NHS introduced a hospital chain system, similar to that which is already in place in Germany, in a bid to permit more collaborative working, and enable greater patient access to leading clinicians nationwide. This allowed highly respected institutions like Moorfields eye hospital in London and Manchester’s Christie cancer centre, to provide specialist services to patients in distant parts of the UK for the first time.

Frontier Care Services helps your care business

At the Frontier Group, we understand the importance of keeping your colleagues and clients connected. We are a leading IT, Connectivity and Mobile solutions provider, with a division that focusses solely on the digital needs of the care industry. Frontier Care Services provides the latest technology and productivity solutions to suit the needs of care providers across the UK. With a wealth of expertise amongst a dedicated team, committed to taking care of our customers, we can help you determine cost-effective, practical solutions to help your business thrive.

Your carers need mobile solutions to enable care standards and efficiency. Frontier Care Services is uniquely placed to provide these, with options tailored to your needs.


One P01NT – Taking CARE of the SMALL things, whilst you ………


……focus on the BIGGER picture; resident care! 

EC Computers can be your One P01NT of contact for all your ‘Business and Office’ systems.

Saving you Time, Saving you Money! 

The daily complexity of maintaining high levels of resident care, alongside the enormous list of other plans, services and resource you are required to control is mind blowing; running a Care Home is not just looking after residents. All of which has to be managed, often minute by minute, but we do not need to tell you that.

Care sector welcomes "best ever" CQC compliance tool

A new self evaluation tool has been developed to help care providers gauge their CQC (Care Quality Commission) grading. brian-donnelly-with-the-icops-system.jpg

iCOPS has been created by regulator and certification body for assistive technology services, CECOPS, and aims to help providers move away from relying on paper-based systems when preparing for inspections or monitoring improvement. 

The cloud-based system allows staff members to evaluate their team against official CQC standards, find out where they're falling short, collect evidence of compliance and set steps for improvement. 

The launch of our Well Pad

Well, the largest independent pharmacy in the UK, has recently introduced innovative technology, the Well Pad, as part of its Well Careplus offering. Well has been offering personalised healthcare in the heart of communities for over 70 years and its Careplus programme helps to provide a care home service designed around carers and residents. The Well Pad was developed to revolutionise medicine management in care homes, enabling carers to provide effective treatment for residents, while helping to cut medicine wastage by up to £195 per resident per year.

Technology to improve dementia care

RemindMeCare is a highly innovative, award winning Cisco/UCL backed software, that assists the care of the elderly, those with dementia, their carers and families. The system celebrates a life, strengthens links with family and tackles agitation, depression and isolation. Portable from home to dom, live-in, day care, residential and ward care, RemindMeCare is the only system that can provide bespoke reminiscence therapy by sourcing images, music and videos that are unique to the user. This also includes the means to store and share life stories, preferences and interests with carers and a care circle, as well as creating automated activity reports, which can also be stored and sent to the users’ family.

Webroster launch Two-Way Messaging for their remote worker app Bee

Bee is an easy to use app designed for field based staff, giving them quick and easy access to all the information they need for their daily visits or bookings. The app works alongside the online workforce management software and is available for both Android and iPhones. Bee gives workers access to their daily and weekly roster, with changes and updates communicated in real time cutting down on administration and phone calls to staff in the field.