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A Master-ful solution for care homes

Infection control is key within healthcare settings and anything that can be done to complement current protocols is looked at with great interest. With an ageing population and a squeeze on budgets, the importance of environmental hygiene is growing. So what are our solutions. 

Biomaster antimicrobial technology from Addmaster offers product protection that looks to do this, complementing current infection control protocols.   Reducing levels of bacteria on treated surfaces, it offers a second line of defence in the area of product protection  working alongside existing hygiene procedures.

This invisible additive provides round-the-clock protection against several pathogenic bacteria, such as MRSA, E.coli, VRE Listeria, Legionella and Salmonella which can cause serious harm, especially if an individual’s immune system is weaker. 

The Biomaster additive can be incorporated into a range of products at any stage of manufacturing and is available in liquid, powder and masterbatch formulations to continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria throughout the lifetime of a product.


The growing number of Biomaster partners.

From paints, flooring and work surfaces, through to nurse call systems, washroom facilities, door handles, pull cords and even radiator covers, the versatility of Biomaster is endless.

Contour Bathrooms – a specialist in disabled bathrooms, level access showers and walk in wet rooms –  offers over 60 shower trays all featuring the Biomaster technology. Dart Valley System and Medi-shower both feature showerheads with Biomaster technology protecting the shower from contamination.  

The traditional multifilament braid designed pull cord can be a breeding ground for bacteria due to its uneven surface, making it difficult to clean. The Biomaster PullCord’s anti-ligature wipe clean surface not only includes Biomaster but can also be used with standard cleaning products.

Resincoat is just one of the many wall covering suppliers to benefit from the Biomaster technology within its ranges. Its antimicrobial surface coating is suitable for walls, flooring, ceilings, doors and trims and comes in a variety of applications, offering an extensive colour spectrum.


So how does it all work?

When bacteria comes into contact with Biomaster protected surfaces, the active antimicrobial agent  inhibits bacteria from growing, dramatically reducing the levels of bacteria on the surface and protecting the product 24 hours a day for the effective life of the product.

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