Future Healthcare returns to London in 2019

Future Healthcare returns to London in 2019

Future Healthcare is the UK’s only exhibition and conference showcasing healthcare products and services to a global audience. Taking place at Olympia London from 18-19 March 2019, Future Healthcare gathers more than 4,000 buyers from 65 countries for two days of education, networking and cross border purchasing. The event is organised in association with UKIHMA – a strategic partner of Healthcare UK, a UK government trade promotion organisation jointly funded by the Department for International Trade, the Department of Health and NHS England.

Event Director, Dawn Barclay-Ross said: “Gathering thousands of buyers from around the world, Future Healthcare 2019 is a fantastic springboard for suppliers to find new business on the international stage.”

Choosing your Power of Attorney is a decision that you can’t take lightly.


Would you want a daughter who is terrible at managing her own money or a son who has a gambling problem being responsible for managing your finances if you couldn’t do it yourself?

Would you want your husband with opposing medical beliefs and values or your sister who is unable to make decisions at the best of times making decisions about your health and care if you couldn’t do it yourself?

There is no automatic right for a spouse, children, siblings etc to make decisions for you if you can’t.  If you want to select the people who will help you in the event that you can’t make decisions yourself you MUST make Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs).   These documents enable you to control who will help you if you lose your mental capacity.

A simple guide to care home insurance

We explain the features, exclusions and optional covers that are usually found in this type of business insurance to help care homes to understand the specialist cover they need. From public liability and contents insurance to the more specific care industry covers like medical malpractice insurance - find out what you need to make sure your care home insurance is right for you.

Specialist policies for care home service providers, hospices, care villages and many other care providers are available too.  Visit  

How the EU Referendum Result might affect the NHS and Care Sector

The King's Fund released a paper this month about the main possible effects that Brexit could have on the NHS and the care sector.

In brief, the ones that will have most impact on the care sector are:

Staffing - as I have mentioned already, it's well known that the NHS is struggling to recruit and retain staff across the sectors and it's the same in the care sector. Approximately 80,000 of the 1.3 million works in Adult Social Care are from other EU countries. The King's Fund is suggesting that certain occupations are added to the Migration Advisory Committee's shortage occupation list however, this is not likely to include unskilled care workers and this will need addressing.

Infection Control with the FlipPad in a nursing home

In a Nursing Home where infection control is paramount, there is a requirement to clean surfaces with specialised medical wipes. Apple has indicated that the iPad can only be cleaned with a lint cloth. In fact they state that any other method of cleaning would invalidate the warranty. We solved the problem by placing the iPad Air 2 in a medical grade case called the FlipPad.

The FlipPad was designed to be cleaned with the harshest infection control sprays and sporicidal wipes. This includes high concentration chlorine bleach. These are the first chemicals to hand when combatting a Norovirus infection. C-Diff is particularly hard to eradicate and studies have shown that it can survive on hospital floors for up to 5 months.

Could a Medical Secretary role in the NHS be the challenge you’re looking for?

The role of Medical Secretary in the NHS is a challenging and varied one. Medical Secretaries work across all areas of the NHS, from hospitals to head offices and everything inbetween. The role holds a lot of responsibility and requires close work with health professionals and the general public. 

Medical Secretaries can be safe in the knowledge that their role contributes to people's well-being. There is a good standard of progression available throughout the NHS, from moving to bigger practices with more responsibility, to applying for the role of senior Medical Secretary. Many Medical Secretaries can also move to other areas of the NHS, such as finance or HR.