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Dementia crisis on horizon: The Sound Doctor helps raise awareness

The Sound Doctor

Health educators, The Sound Doctor, say a dementia crisis is on the horizon, as it is revealed that only 3% of people make active preparation for the disease. 

The Times has reported that, despite the fact that 75% of the population are afraid of developing dementia or losing their ability to make decisions, 97% of people have taken no legal steps toward securing care in the future.

Dementia is the leading cause of death in England and Wales, making up 12% of the total deaths in 2016. It’s on the rise, too: the number of people diagnosed has increased by 54% in the last ten years, according to The Times. 

In just 7 years, more than 13 million people who are at risk of dementia will have no legal or medical arrangements made due to a lack of preparation. 

The Sound Doctor partners with Essex County Council to support patients to 'Live Well'

Sound Doctor

The Sound Doctor, the social enterprise focused on effective patient education, has teamed up with the Essex County Council and Essex Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)* to launch a new initiative - the Live Well campaign.

The patient education videos are being offered as part of a Live Well campaign to engage families and individuals - promoting health and wellbeing in the county of Essex by providing high quality information and solutions. By setting an agenda to underline the benefits of healthy living, Live Well intends to have a positive impact on both the lives of people within the county and also reduce the strain on the National Health Service (NHS).

The Sound Doctor answers call for better support for dementia patients

Martina Kane, Senior Policy Adviser at the Alzheimer's Society, is one of several leading figures demanding more support for people living with dementia and those who care for them.
Speaking as the BBC reported that dementia is now the leading cause of death, she said: “It is essential that people have access to the right support and services to help them live well with dementia and that research into better care, treatments and eventually a cure remain high on the agenda."